Connection in Windows 7 [Video]

Connection in Windows 7 [Video]

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, a network that connects one or more computers to a large network, such as a business network, using the Internet. A VPN is encrypted and safe, so it’s widely adopted by many of businesses. VPN is a pretty complicate network protocol that we are not going to discuss more deep in here. VPN offers privacy and encryption to your connection and VPN users can surf the web anonymously by hiding their IPs. VPN Users can access and view websites like Hulu outside the U.S. Since there are lot of advantages of using VPN Connection, let’s see how to create a VPN connection in Windows 7.


This is the summary of creating a VPN connection in Windows 7:

1. Open up network and sharing center from Control Panel, and choose Set up a new connection or network.

2. There are two options in the Connect to a Workplace window. 99% of the time you just need to pick the first option, unless your company only allows you to dial in using a phone line.

3. Type in the address in either domain name or IP address, and name the connection in the destination name box. And click Next.

4. You can leave all user login info blank if you feel safe that way in the next window. And click Create.

5. To launch it, simply click the small network icon on the system tray at the bottom right corner, and pick the connection we just created from the popup list, and connect.

6. Type in your user name and password, and you are on your way connecting your Windows 7 to your company network.

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