Top 10 Reason to Use A VPN

Top 10 Reason to Use A VPN.jpg

Secure your connection

Top 10 Reason to Use A VPN.jpg
Secure your connection

1. Security for Hotspot Wireless Access Users

If you are using WiFi (802.11a,b.g) public hotspots then you are sending and receiving all of your traffic in “the clear”. It is penetrating walls, it is zooming across the street, and it is all readable plain text. Many hotels have sniffable wired networks. Go to a conference with your competitors and from the comfort of your hotel room you might be exchanging more than greetings.

If your data is in the clear on a sniffable network everything you do is available for public perusal.

2. International Internet Users – Governments would like to prevent users from enjoying the Internet, with a USA IP there are no controls!

Many internet service providers in the world restrict some online services and websites like Skype, VoIP, YouTube, Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, MySpace, Facebook, AIM, P2P etc.

A VPN helps you to bypass all these restrictions. You simply connect to the VPN servers using secure encrypted tunnel and then access 100% freedom internet.

3. Full anonymity by hiding your real IP.

Your real IP address is replaced by the VPN server IP and your provider don’t know about your internet activity. It is masked as a one regular connection. You no longer need to use a proxy site.

4. VPN Works Faster Than Web Proxies

VPN is much faster, works seamlessly with all applications, and more secure. A proxy works only with your web browser, whereas VPN secures all your Internet applications including Outlook, Skype and MSN. Furthermore, web proxies can be slow, unreliable and unsecure.

5. Easy online ordering when you travel

Many order forms on the Internet will automatically block certain countries from even ordering.

6. Bypass ISP Blocking for VOIP Applications like Skype

7. Unlike a proxy, you get secured connection for all programs you are using, (e.g ICQ, Email, FTP, News and anything that uses a Internet Connection)

8. American Based Unique Personal Fixed USA & Euro IP’s

9. Anonymous Internet Surfing

10. Bypass geographical blocks from certain websites

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